The only conceivable reason I can think of for this is to put an animated gif of a cat to stroke on it. And is it worth it? Sort of yes, mostly no though let's be real

A fun bit of trivia about this touchpad btw is that it's manufactured by Toshiba and not Asus. Toshiba knew better than to add it into their own laptops it seems

@FrazzledBrynn @Shrigglepuss we're all looking at the touch pad, BUT WHY DOES IT HAVE ALEXA

@arcade @Shrigglepuss hangon what, I thought Alexa was just trapped in them little home devices, now she's trapped in weird lil laptops?

@FrazzledBrynn @arcade Not for much longer, this thing's in for a fresh installation of Windows without all the factory installed junk

@FrazzledBrynn @arcade @Shrigglepuss lol. Just wait and see how much of the junk comes *from* Windows. I had a 22 line winget uninstaller plus around 10 manual uninstalls/shortcut deletions.

@trezzer @FrazzledBrynn @arcade Not my job to force anything other than a stock experience onto people 🤷 If they want Windows, they're getting Windows, nothing more or nothing less 👍

@Shrigglepuss Does it act like a regular monitor or how is it used?

@phantom It acts as a regular multi-touch touchpad and external monitor in a mechanical sense, but has a bit of software that can switch it into a sort of touchscreen mode with buttons and gestures which is particularly cursed because then you can't use it as a touchpad as well

@Shrigglepuss you're forgetting artists, who make frequent use of the ability to touch directly what they are modifying...

@Shrigglepuss so you're saying it has two potentially usable surfaces instead of just the one?

@jakimfett potentially, but what use is an extra 6" surface for drawing on with worse colours and a surface finish that a stylus would probably scratch over time? I don't get it

@Shrigglepuss maybe doing an art looks different for some than you are imagining here.

Maybe you could ask an artist what they would use it for instead of prescribing your not getting it as the only way or perspective.

Literally different strokes for different folks.

Were this mine...

...I would avoid using something that scratches my interface for art, and have zero problems with the fact that the color bits aren't perfectly matched because nobody else has a display that perfectly matches anyway, now I have two points of visual perspective instead of one.

...I can put my palette on it, and rely on my trackball for pointer input.

...I could use it for seeing the way it looks on a tiny screen without uploading it to my phone or resizing it, helping me determine if it's worth spending extra hours getting something to look just right.

...I would use it for my to-dos, so the entire main screen could be the piece of work instead of cluttered by tiling my tertiary stuffs.

...and I would have key ccombos to swap between these modes, because I know my workflows, and although most of them are not art, the use case of something like this is broad enough to appear obvious to me.

But then, I design hardware...not everybody thinks about all six million details of physical kinesthetic stuffs.

@Shrigglepuss this looks like one of those tech concepts back in the early 2000s where people would post a strange ass console 3d model and say "this is what ps4 will look like"

no really this feels like something straight outta fever dream

@tillianisafox There was a similar thing in some high-end Windows Vista (or maybe 7?) desktop PCs. They could play Solitaire and that's about it. Totally pointless

@Shrigglepuss guess I’m nobody, this seems awesome as heck

@Shrigglepuss they also sell another version where the keyboard is moved to the bottom and the upper half of the lower area is some secondary screen with touch/pen input

and I actually think this might be a good idea

not "great", but still usable - at least as long as it's just a generic touchscreen I can use in linux

@drazraeltod They would be even worse for me because I'm left-handed and they moved the regular touchpad to the right of the keyboard :oh_no:

@Shrigglepuss looks designed to get scratched and damaged with normal daily usage, increasing the frequency of replacement.


I have decided I need one.

Long experience has taught me there is a strong positive correlation between how cursed I think something is and how hard and how quickly it will be taken up on its way to lucrative ubiquity.

@Shrigglepuss lol oh god... And I know people already push the stickers on the left instead of actual buttons on the keyboard so this won't help.

@Shrigglepuss a trackpad with a higher resolution than any monitor i've ever owned


Gonna open my password manager on it and then make sure it's in-frame for the cam.


It's a laptop with a built-in graphics touchscreen tablet! If the touch resolution is good, it would be really cool for digital artists.

@TerryHancock all 6" of it! The colours aren't fantastic, and I don't think it's stylus-friendly. Maybe for finger painting

@TerryHancock @Shrigglepuss My thought exactly, this will work nicely as a portable drawing station

Possibly. It does depend on the touch resolution, probably. But my old Wacom tablet has a smaller area than that, I think. So it seems like that would be handy.

The tablet is awkward to keep out on my desktop, let alone carry with a laptop, so having one built in seems handy.

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