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On interacting with Shrigs 

I don't really think about my own boundries much, but I'll politely tell you if you've stepped over any (unless you're a bit of a dickhead then I'll probs do an angry)
πŸ™… no using ablest language
πŸ™… no making non-lewd conversations lewd
πŸ’… you can thirst slide into my DMs but if I don't reciprocate get over it and don't make it weird
πŸ’… unsolicited advice on my behavior is a-ok
πŸ’… CW things as I would if you're in my replies, in fairness to my followers

If I'm not at the office nobody can pop over to spoil my day :owosneakythink:

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Went home early, don't want to take a good Monday by chance

Irony Leftism (-) 

You know what? A lot of folks don't want to do the work on themselves. That's it. They think they can just slap some labels on and think that's work enough. Maybe show up to a protest or two, or more.

You're Gonna Have To Make Yourself Uncomfortable. I'm sorry. That's it. That's literally it.

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Repaired headphone jack: cast into a piece of PVC pipe with some epoxy. Not very green, but better than getting a new set!

my friend's mum used to crush egg shells before throwing them away, which she put down to a superstition that if you threw away an intact eggshell, a witch would use it as a boat

If you ever wanted to know what the soundtrack to my 20s was from start to finish, it's absolutely this

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Been on a real Spotify adventure today and found my old "top 10 of the 2010s only it's more than 10" playlist and it's wall to wall perfection in my absolutely bias opinion considering I made it entirely for myself. Worth a blast imo :kissy_imp:

If anyone is interested in Welsh medium pop music, i started a Spotify playlist for every song I’ve ever heard on Radio Cymru. It’s a bit bare atm, but I intend to update whenever I have the radio on in the background.

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Listening to the Welsh music playlist @katherine posted earlier, it's very Welsh as expected, thought I'd post this screenshot to sell it to yas πŸ’ͺ

Can we all fuck off to a festival together next year?

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