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Be a pronoun professional in three easy steps:
1) Add your pronouns to your profile. If you don't want to say or don't mind what pronouns people use for you, consider noting that instead so people know what's what.
2) Discover and use the pronouns people have in their bios before interacting with them.
3) If you don't know their pronouns default to they/them and don't presume anything.

Getting phonecalls from private numbers at midnight is not the one πŸ’€

🎡 I've got soul but I'm not a soulpatch 🎡

topless non-nude selfie with no eye contact / super cute cat 

USA chants are terrifying, huh? I know in this context it shouldn't be but :yikes:

I mean, that's great news, but they won't be able to do interviews or anything without revealing who they are πŸ˜‚ it's made even funnier that they're pretending to be a full band not just one person

One of my friends has a secret musical alter-ego and just got played on BBC Introducing :oh_no:

If it can do gigabit Ethernet and 4k video now, it should be fine with an 1080p stream that hasn't been transcoded right?

Wonder if the new Raspberry Pi 4 Model B will be able to stream Blu-ray ISOs πŸ€”

Was going to read tonight but ghost has decided to sleep on my chest with her face on my shoulder and I haven't the heart to disturb her

This Norway v Australia game is well dramatic ⚽

Dictating my toots to the cloud person made of cloud to post on the internet made of nets

Why piss over a career and someone's art just to say "it's not my cup of tea"... That doesn't make it bad tea

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