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Fuck your free speech and if you don't like it you can defend to your death my right to say it

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On interacting with Shrigs 

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Be a pronoun professional in three easy steps:
1) Add your pronouns to your profile. If you don't want to say or don't mind what pronouns people use for you, consider noting that instead so people know what's what.
2) Discover and use the pronouns people have in their bios before interacting with them.
3) If you don't know their pronouns default to they/them and don't presume anything.

mh pol 

rocketman spoilers 

this one's for the lads 

Nothing but love for our overlord @pisscotheque for keeping the Godforsaken Castle kept

very very super gross Xmas literal shitpost I need have not come up with 

very very super gross Xmas literal shitpost I need have not come up with 

Star Wars Episode IV Episode I: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Huge huge huge thanks to @ArtistMarciaX for arranging this and keeping it all running smoothly, it's becoming a real sweet team effort now and we're so glad to have you all along. The more the merrier!

There's a handy calendar file for you to download to add the dates and times into your diaries! It should work on most calendar apps and sort its own time zone out for you automatically, but double check the times against the poster just incase x
Also, @Are0h hosts a calendar here:
So if you're free come join us! ❀️

I mean, even the end credits music has an oldcshool family film vibe to it, it's all just so well thought out right?

Well, that's Rogue One over, it's the biggest whirlwind of all of the films and every second is art imo.
It's Episode IV next, same time on Sunday. Hope to see you all there! ❀️

A pregnant silence in a film like -that- moment will *always* ruin me, the one on The Fountain does the same aurggg

Forgot how this film turns into an absolute ballet towards the end. I love it so so much, it gives me actual chills

Ah yeah, the scene where retrieving data is like some sort of video game puzzle. I love all the weird and wonderful interfaces and data things in this universe :blobaww:

I'm watching along with my mum btw and the first thing she's said through the whole film is "you can buy those goggles from Wilkies" and I'm cracking up

The argument where the Rogue One callsign is coined should have had Matt Berry as the radio operator imo. It's so close already, but so far

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