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On interacting with Shrigs 

I don't really think about my own boundries much, but I'll politely tell you if you've stepped over any (unless you're a bit of a dickhead then I'll probs do an angry)
πŸ™… no using ablest language
πŸ™… no making non-lewd conversations lewd
πŸ’… you can thirst slide into my DMs but if I don't reciprocate get over it and don't make it weird
πŸ’… unsolicited advice on my behavior is a-ok
πŸ’… CW things as I would if you're in my replies, in fairness to my followers

anyone have an suggestions for what to do with a kilogram of caffeine powder?

re: ukpol 

@Shrigglepuss @dreadpirateyarr this is literally in the same document that claims they're anti-racist, I'm just fuckin flabbergasted

cat: mmm... bowl of fresh clean water? nah, I'm good

also cat: i prefer to flip over the bowl so i can lick it off the floor, please take note

also cat: toilet water is so good, pro tip- always go for the toilet if you see it is open

also cat: just out of the shower? mind if i get some of that moisture off your toes?

also cat: there's nothing like the condensation on a cold glass for refreshment tbh

also cat: ooh, rusty radiator water in a dirty bowl? my favourite!

Found out today that @guerrillarain and I share the same birthday so Sagittarius season is officially in full swing now the coolest ones are that little more elder 😎

I've reached the drying my moustache with a sock stage of whatever this is

lewd shitpost 

Measuring my dick size in cups like they do in The States

Me, reading a US recipe and crying: what is a β€˜cup’

Sorry to employed people but I won’t be taking part in Buy Nothing Day because discount days are the only way I’ll be able to afford yuletide presents for people this year. Perhaps instead of passively trying to fight capitalism by not buying things and hoarding your money you could actively help people by donating it

There was plenty of songs I wanted to add to this that aren't on Spotify, here's some particular favs:
Oceansize - Walking in the Air:
Peter Wyeth - Silent Night (I know the kid in this song, she's at uni now fucking hell):
Her Name is Calla - Mary in Doubt:
65daysofstatic - I'm Dreaming of a White Noise Christmas (my all-time fav xmas song for nostalgia reasons):

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β˜ƒοΈ My Xmas playlist, if anybody wants some seasonal music on one hand, but not the same few supermarket-core songs on heavy rotation on the other hand β˜ƒοΈ

This page has a big "36 days to go until Brexit. Check if you're ready for 2021" on it too, but like there's a lot less days until I need a refresher on what the tier restrictions are in detail to make sure I don't literally kill somebody so maybe start with that countdown first yeah?

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Ok, so you have to press a little link that's in the header and not part of the page's content to go to the general Coronavirus page, and then from there, there's a tiny lil "rules for your tier" buried amongst a bunch of other stuff and mid-way through a sentence to click on, only it doesn't lead to the rules at all, it just leads to a list of regions and what tier they're in???

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I like how when you go on the Department of Health & Social Care website it doesn't have a massive banner or something to click on to see what the restrictions are for each tier so you can refresh yourself on what they are or to see if anything has been altered ready for the lockdown ending in a few days. 10/10 job there

If you're styling a website, don't forget to check if you have accessible degrees of contrast in your color palette. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines provides good definitions to follow, and there are lots of handy tools that calculate rates of contrast and if they're sufficient. Here's one of them:

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