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Some candid footage I took on this video, but more importantly there's a few seconds of one of my songs of the year in there that I can finally share a snip of

Alright, I'm up, time to get back on my bullshit πŸŒ„

If you're the kind of person that says "BuT bAnDs CaN mAkE tHeIr MoNeY fRoM gIgS aNd MeRcH" a lot, try telling that to the people that ran tonight's show at a Β£200 loss btw

Boss makes a pound
I make a pound
I am the boss
Release the hound

Rounded off the night seeing a gay Danish folk singer and crying because it reminded me how I left a part of my heart in Denmark and I miss that place so hard and her music was so beautiful. How's your night going? >.<

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I'm not convinced Nelly needed that plaster on this face, but I am convinced I wanna know what he's hiding under there

🎡 It's getting hot in here
(So hot)
I'm wearing all my clothes
(It is getting so hot why did you put those clothes on?) 🎡

🎡 Oh Mr Sandman
Bury me in your sand
Fjgivierighg 🎡

I sometimes wonder if Selfagency is lurking amongst us still. Will he have the selfagency to make himself known to us again :owosneakythink:

I dunno what to listen to, so you can all tell me what to listen to thx

While we're on the topic of cleaning our devices, I always make sure to clean customer's laptops for them before I deliver them back at the end of the repair 'cos fucking hell this town is full of filthy animals. Sometimes I wonder if I should be sponsored by Muc-Off and GooGone (which are amazing if you've never tried them btw) πŸ™„

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Will Linux ever have good Sandybride support? There's so many cheap as shit Windows 8 tablets out there ripe for some new life

I lose around a follower a day, I'm hoping none of you are catching on that I'm eating them for breakfast

Wish I was a cat, could just meow and some sucker makes food rain from the sky

🎡 Crawling in my binnnn
These documents to steallll 🎡

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