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Fuck your free speech and if you don't like it you can defend to your death my right to say it

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On interacting with Shrigs 

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Be a pronoun professional in three easy steps:
1) Add your pronouns to your profile. If you don't want to say or don't mind what pronouns people use for you, consider noting that instead so people know what's what.
2) Discover and use the pronouns people have in their bios before interacting with them.
3) If you don't know their pronouns default to they/them and don't presume anything.

Do cats have snouts?

Eye contact / hand held video / selfie?? / dooting 

We're hiring still at Mozilla!

This feels squickily like self-promotion (which I hate), but some folks round here might find something interesting there.

I will also mention that we have ongoing efforts to recruit folks who are *not* like me - i.e. straight old cis white guys.

So, if you are *not* like me along any of those axes, I especially encourage you to give it a looksee.

lmao one year ago today on this web site hanny was drawing the simpsons with her eyes closed. this was my contribution:

Eye contact / hand held video / selfie?? / dooting 

Do cats have snouts?

Everyone is shouting the lyrics to Sex on Fire as loud as they can like naughty schoolchildren it's cute

A-Ha is on one channel and Baby Shark is on an other, this is definitely happening

About to go to a literal disco on King Richard III's grave and under a giant moon sculpture, if you wanted to know what my life is up to

You can use the internet in a bit, just gotta make a quick call on the house phone

My new years resolution will be to learn a new medium well enough to confidently participate in inktober 2020 using it exclusively and you all best hold me to it

Food shitpost 

Lewd and pretty gross shitpost 

I'll share what I went to see soon btw, when I can share it in a way that it deserves to be shared

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