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On interacting with Shrigs 

I don't really think about my own boundries much, but I'll politely tell you if you've stepped over any (unless you're a bit of a dickhead then I'll probs do an angry)
πŸ™… no using ablest language
πŸ™… no making non-lewd conversations lewd
πŸ’… you can thirst slide into my DMs but if I don't reciprocate get over it and don't make it weird
πŸ’… unsolicited advice on my behavior is a-ok
πŸ’… CW things as I would if you're in my replies, in fairness to my followers

friday night is Soom T time

Soom T - Gimme Gimme (Ibibio Sound Machine Remix)

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The last tarot draw from @crookedtricking made this song play in my head, so I'm sharing it x ❀️
🎡 Fold - Choose Love 🎡

im the one who makes the rota for cleaning out :lemon_dog: 's hutch and that's why my name mysteriously doesn't appear on there

What do we even do at the Godforsaken offices all week anyway?

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It's my turn to take the office :lemon_dog: home to look after for the weekend πŸ’–

someone should make a heavy metal musical version of macbeth called megabeth

The last tarot draw from @crookedtricking made this song play in my head, so I'm sharing it x ❀️
🎡 Fold - Choose Love 🎡

Today’s draw is the Three of Cups

From the Ophidia Rosa Tarot:

β€œTo love the other,
To flit, to fly, to flutter.”

With all the hatred, bitterness, and anger in the world right now, it is radical to love. Love isn’t passive - be present and thoughtful in how you share love, that it may enrich your life. #tarot

I'm over the moon, I'm dating the sun now. Good morning

Is there some legit way of getting that Test and Trace app on an Android phone without the Play Store?

this is the only reason i even asked for an invite here

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Nobody ever mentions parts of the government by name and when people pay for things in the pub and shops they throw money at the cashier as though it's on a pay-what-you-can basis. Is The Coronation Street Cinematic Universe an anarchist society?

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