really though thanks to my ancestors for undergoing millennia of brutal natural selection so i can enjoy a nice yoghurt without pooing my pants

@pisscotheque trading stories about faraway lands where the natives have solid poops

@pisscotheque in the battle between “having serotonin” and “not having diarrhea,” serotonin keeps winning 🤔

@mood we must assume the boys were imbibing so much dairy despite their lactose intolerance that they didn’t know those were two different things

@pisscotheque The thing about white people is that if we want to eat a thing, we will eat that thing and damn the consequences

@witchfynder_finder @pisscotheque I think it was more about not starving back then, but sure ig

@pisscotheque I think this is exhibit A for white people being genetically the most stubborn fucks on the planet

@pisscotheque afaik that's why a lot of particularly northern Europeans aren't lactose intolerant, actually

@pisscotheque 💭 i wonder how poisonous forest berries would taste if they didn't kill me

They did it so I can eat cheese all day long! I think it's worth it

@pisscotheque "this tastes so good!! the fact that i cant digest it properly is a problem for future me"

@umalkosh keep it up… in 2000 years your descendants will be looking back and thanking you

@pisscotheque reminds me of every lactose intolerant person I know

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