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here a second one that shows you what the first one looked like a month or two ago

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so i've been growing celery from the bit i didn't use for cooking

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Hello gfsw would you like some doggy photos?

you know people on the same instance as you can see when you've favourited a toot

dog, food 

the dog has a real bone (rather than those prepackaged ones with the dog food stuffed inside). he's very confused because a large lump of crusty stuff has fallen off giving him two bones but only one mouth to carry them in

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Too many people still don't understand that you don't need to be a racist person or acting with malice to perpetuate racism and cause harm.
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I cant believe when the queen dies im gonna be the new queen.

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important accouncement 

the dog has just handed me a slipper


cleaned out my sour dough starter jar

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