Ink October 6 "Spirit"

[CW for a scary Victorian-style ghost in the expanded image]

Ink October 8 "Watch"

[CW for cow peering in through the window spookily]

Ink October 10 "Pick"

BEFORE YOU are three items. which will you pick?
1. Freddo
2. Some kind of fucked up mini saxophone
3. The true face of the sun

Ink October 13 "Roof"

[CW for image from a horror film, scary man on roof]


as always, i'm looking at this and thinking about what would improve it. (i'm posting the pictures as soon as i finish drawing them). in this case, obviously the proportions of the cheek plates are off - the left one should be brought forwards to match the other. the lighting could be better - the brightness of the front of the dauphin ornament should match the front of the faceplate. i'd also wanted to add more ornamentation but that could've been another hour's work 🤷

Tried another new technique this time. After spending ages and ages painting stuff in layers, I did a single layer over the top of it set to influence Luminosity only (about 40% opacity) and painted over everything using light and dark values picked from the scene. So it worked as like a unified light-and-dark map over the top of everything, which improved on the fairly wonky painting I had before that. Also used a smeary brush for the luminosity layer, which gave it a bit more of an oily look.

i'm fussed that this might appear to be a political illustration because the elephants and riders are red and blue. and apparently the elephant is a political animal in america (what the fuck guys!?)
but it's not. basically it's two people who are going to work on their elephants and one (or both) of them was going the wrong way on the elephant road and their elephants bashed into each other. both people work at elephant factories, but the factories are in different directions from each other.

featuring a cameo appearance from everyone's favourite pal Freddo from Inktober 10.

this is a day late because it's so damn hard to get Freddo to stay still while i draw him

i took over an hour to draw this one because i drew all the fluff :-(

these creatures are all panting like exhausted dogs, and they're building up an incredible static electric charge as they rub against each other (100% polyester). if you reached out and touched them it'd be like when timmy gets blasted off the t-rex fence in jurassic park.

ok so it's "Open" in the sense that his mouth his open wide, or else it's an "Open" prompt as in "draw what you want". this is an idea i've been wanting to draw all week.

i had a long day so i only got chance to do this one this evening. i wanted to do something more "painty" than i usually do, and i sketched this one out using a big Krita brush and decided I liked it enough already without adding more detail

inktober, thank you for the excuse to draw a dinosaur.

@alex this endless conflict is so sad… they should be brothers…

@alex it's unlikely to be seen as such because the blue animal is also an elephant whereas in a political illustration the blue animal would be a donkey

@alex alex i don't know how to break this to you but that's not how moons work

sorry buddy :(

@puf no it's like that and then a little alien guy goes on it [see attached picture]

@alex What a scamp, that freddo.

This is worth waiting for, it's great. :)

@alex This is great. I think you didn't actually hide the image though

@maloki thanks! yeah i'm not sure what level of CW i wanted to put on it since i usually err on the safe side with CWs but it's mostly hidden in the thumbnail anyway

@alex fair. just thought it'd be worth mentioning, because soemetimes I forget to hit the right buttons!

@dreadpirateyarr ahh thanks pal. i started it off in this colour palette because i was planning to make it look like a jade carving (but it turned out to be plenty of work just drawing all the animals 😓 )

@alex it's growing, but it's peeved about it >:(

@alex why the sad face! It looks amazing. Well worth it I'd say. 🙏
Now let yourself test.

@alex That is some dedication!

I always love seeing your work, best thing about Inktober for me.

@alex Ignore the Voronoi stans. These are good boys. Their packing and use of space is beautiful!

Love the glossy fab fur texture~

@alex Nice!

Gromit, presumably, is carefully tiptoeing around the dinner table like Ofelia Pan's Labyrinth

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