when an american man walks into a quaint wee pub in Scotland and announces he is 1/8th Scottish, we all leap up with tears in our eyes & cry out "a lost son of Alba is returned to us!" and everyone busies round him and gets him a whisky and an old lady called Morag tearfully hugs him and calls him a bonny lad, and we all ask him to marry our bonny daughters, and the auld men start up a ceilidh tune and we teach him to dance like a Scot and when he's all tired out we cut off his head and eat him

@alex its what i do to people saying they are "scottish" on a day to day basis. im full now, but they keep saying they are "scottish", so my plate never empties

@alex I honestly dont understand this whole "american wishes they were someone else, so take a nation that their old oLD OLD as fuck ancestors maybe farted near when visiting somewhere else"

ive had countless conversations on this. because its only americans that do this

hey, I have blood lines going to France [& other places], doesn't mean im fucking french, even in some portion of a teaspoon full. im not french

no, im what I am & I take it as that

but thank fuck im not goddamn english, lol

@alex the big problem I have with this as well, is that many times its used as an excuse for they're shite behaviour

"ah im just hot headed because im scottish"
no, you have anger issues
"I drink like this because im Irish"
no, you have a drinking problem

its these things that paint us, real/actual people of that country, in a terrible light. which then gives people on the outside that air of thought as to whether they will even like someone, just because their "scottish" friend is a dick

@alex in gymraeg we call it Yr[The] Albarn, so it's interesting to see the similarly in name. also i'm part scottish but i'm not revealing how much lol in case it gets me et

@alex Tis part of the haggis recipe is usually left out, and I think that's very sad.

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