Bigoted UK politics (maybe applicable internationally too) 

We need to learn effective ways to cut the toxic bigotry out of our communities until they can self-reflect and *feel* the harms they are doing and the shame they deserve so that they might grow some compassion.
The "it doesn't affect me" attitude needs to start affecting them.
What works? How do we encourage this?
People are being bought to their knees and meanwhile the memes keep flowing. It's not good enough.

Bigoted UK politics (maybe applicable internationally too) 

@Shrigglepuss organize! There are many affinity groups already working to do this.

Sisters Uncut are working to fight against misogyny and chauvinism, Anti-Fasicst Action are working to fight fascism, Action 4 Trans Health are working to fight institutionalized transphobia.

We need more of these affinity groups and more people supporting these affinity groups.

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