there has never been a time in my life where i haven't been sure i could mummy domme fred durst with ease

i say my halloween costume is 'unironic sexy cat' but my real halloween costume is "hiiiiii hehe :3"

this halloween im going as 'unironic sexy cat' and im gonna fuck your husband and every other dude at every party

big burly cis het men crying outside my sandwich shop because they crave the best sandwich in the world but aren't prepared to say the name of it, "I Am A Big Gay Special"

forget the whole 'you're gonna do great today' pep talk. look yourself in the eyes in the mirror, and dead seriously say "I'm gonna eat your ass, I'm gonna eat it, and I'm gonna love it" elaborate if necessary. always works.

@selontheweb would you like to voice an american talent agent in the 1920s who tried to market Little Timmy Babbins to an American audience, but failed because of the presence of the American child actor and singer named Tiny Jimmy Flappins???

@knownrobes would you want to potentially voice Don Chattersby, Bristolian, from a tiny (made up) village, married 400 times, all his songs are about his wives. Every woman in the village has been married to him ???

im actually gonna write and voice that podcast and make all the songs and do all the characters, thanks. if you wanna get involved let me know

The story if Little Timmy Babbins, the 1920s child actor and singer who's hit 'Flowers for Mummy' saw him make a special place in all our hearts

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