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Just realised I can post this pic of wilma again, so angelic 👼

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The one good thing about moving instances is I get too post my favourite boof heads Solomon and Simon again

the best thing about couches is that your doggy can sit next to you with their butt on your lap

i'm glad that when sonic the hedgehog broke my brain as a child it happened at just the right amount where i still think he's cool despite all contrary evidence but i don't want to fuck him

do not mistake my gentle love for crash bandicoot as weakness.

what topics do you know stuff about? like not mastermind but enough like. enlighten me on what weird shit yous have in your brain.

Nonprofit and public sector employers, have you considered: Karen

Get out of bed? No thanks, I'm more of an ideas guy

*Willie McNabb picks up his AR15*

“C’mon Maybelle, it’s time we go dancin’”

I wear underwire bras because it keeps my big honkers happy, nipples to heaven. But out of the bra? They unroll onto the ground like a red carpet on Oscar night.

excited to announce my new role as podcast critic for the new york times

“My body is a temple”

*I say, covered in blood and burnt offal, myrrh pouring from my pockets*

⚠️ 👷‍♂️ ⚠️

howdy im the post inspector just here to make sure this here time line is up to code

shit, comma, post. 

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