i briefly did art college when i was 16 but had a menty b and dropped out, so i haven't really done much drawing for like half my life now which feels weird

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art ppl, i have decided to get back into drawing but this will be my first ever foray into digital illustration/art what are your best starter tips

the trending topics on uk twitter today are such a curséd bunch of subjects

eerie indiana was a sick as hell show bring back weird shows for tweens imo

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me and ed just watched hocus pocus so looked up wot omri katz is up to now. he grows weed and has a company called themarydanksters not the 90s teen heartthrob pivot i was expecting but i am not really surprised

i'm p sure her increase in desire for cuddles and hanging out has much more to do with the cooler weather and the soft blanket on my bed than wanting to spend time with me but i'll take it all the same

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had a post booster jab nap and little neens came and hopped up on the bed to join me for the whole time, blessed imo

wore a warm coat to get my vaccine bc it's cold in the house but it's not rly warm coat weather just yet so i'm made entirely of sweat

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gotta go do boring life things today like going outside and getting my vaccine, why can't every day be my birthday??? rude imo

thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes yesterday, i had a very lovely time at home with my partner and my cat, eating lush food and being a lazy bébé. my dream life

okay so i did the birthday spread from little red tarot and it's such a lot i can't even bring myself to journal it rn but this is the deck i bought myself for my birthday (wandering moon tarot - midnight sky edition) and isn't it beautiful

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it's my birthday today if u wanna give me a quid or woteva 😘🥳🤪 :blobby_smile: :thinkergunsunglasses:

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it's my birthday next week and i would like to get some 3D printed bobbins for my e-spinner but they are £23 each + postage and i am an unemployed little dude so if you would like to contribute the price of a birthday coffee or other beverage i will give u a little pat on the head for being a good pal


(no u didn't see my deadname but also that's not gonna be my legal name in a few weeks!!!)

i've got some gnarly toothache my friends my buddies my pals, what home remedies do you swear by for mouth bones? 🦷🦷🦷

having an afternoon cuddle with ed and nina came and screamed at us until we stopped bc she wanted to lie on eds tummy 🙃

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