Thinking about how capitalism seems to have decided that convalescence from illness, where you rest even after you've gotten well, is not a thing you need because you are a machine that produces profit lmao


If you've had covid, don't exercise for two weeks afterwards, don't push yourself, let your body recover even if you feel okay. Lessens chance of long covid shit being triggered afaik

good when it comes to other illness, too, imo.

@tan Definitely not bad advice, but I fear it won't actually help much (certainly didn't help me).

"Rest correlates with better long COVID outcomes, although it may be a marker of socio-economic status and other determinants rather than causal."

@tan Important addendum: many with long covid meet the diagnostic criteria for ME/CFS, which most definitely includes post-exertional malaise. Exertion can definitely make it worse, often permanently.

I'm just not sure it matters much whether you exercise shortly after getting infected wrt your chances of getting long covid in the first place.

Long covid does seem to be more common amongst those with physically active lifestyles (before infection).

@meganeko afair infection-triggered\cased\whatever cfs\me usually hit people who were very active before, too, so that pans out

@tan yeah, it's post-viral illness in general, not just LC specifically. they are most common amongst relatively young women with physically active lifestyles.

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