The things these depraved programmers force my sweet beautiful computer devices to do? It's *DISGUSTING*.

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I saw someone talking about wanting to write captions and there's a (to my knowledge) cool team of disabled people who do that for money who is lookin' for more people rn

The *things* these horrible and twisted programmers and webdevs make my sweet computer do? It makes me SICK

Putting an outer dwarf planet into circular orbit and then using the orbit as a magic circle for completely benevolent reasons 👀

Just gotta wait for it to do one circle around the sun then I'll

Character who gives all those heroes and villains from other dimensions or times or planets places to live and mailboxes and so forth and insisting she's a villain because she's a landlord.

None of the heroes or villains start fights or brings do costumed work in her properties and they agree not to rat eachother out or otherwise ruin the sanctity of her 'housing program'.

Gordon Freeman and G-man but it's wile. e. coyote and roadrunner. Gordon just trying to place traps where the G-man will arrive.

@ dude in night at the museum, extremely autistically: you... did you not read the instructions??? your first day on the job?? when someone gave you instructions to read???

and sometimes (more often in the past) just showering is a Daily Activity in itself

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I really dont like limits from secondary things, like if I want to walk regularly I need to do a whole project with laundry room since I'll sweat into those clothes, and I have to only do it on the days I shower, etc.

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can do it more than a few years ago so I'm still pleased.

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