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setting where idols are magical girls because they become empowered by their fans worship alá dnd faith power 🤔

Sailor Ringworld is a Pak Protector in a miniskirt.

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I swear what the nytimes does with its headlines is a fucking art. Yes, there was in fact a "female civilian leader" who was ousted in the military coup but maybe you should also cover the fact that this "female civilian leader" was also responsible for the rohingya genocide in myanmar. Just a thought!

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Money, help needed 

Due to the ongoing lockdown I haven't been able to work since before Christmas and have been relying on benefits, my partner is disabled and also unable to work

I am currently in rent arrears and my landlord is making vague noises about lawyers and eviction, despite having the promise of all arrears being cleared as soon as HMRC pay me the self employed grant in April.

So if anyone is able to help me chip in to the following amounts to get her off my back that would be incredible

January £790 (with £100 discount she offered on 26th February)
February £890

Soon to be due: March £890

My cashapp is cash.app/£wolfpurplemoon

My PayPal is available by DM

enjoying "the politics of everybody" by Holly Lewis so far.

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readin' some marxist literature and gettin' happy when I already understand somee thing since I was community taught even if online communities can be risky places to learn 👍

youtube putting my favorites in a list of every single playlist I've subscribed to has to be an amazing UX decision.

The only "you will feel bad for making fun of this character later" I accept is Mr Señor from one piece, don't @ me about Quiet from MGS

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@tan that seems intuitively, and not just logically, correct. I feel like butterflies and moths often represent dreams or illusions, when they aren't representing transformation. monkeys represent mischief, crows and foxes trickery (spiders as well some places, see Anansi)… peacocks represent vanity which is closely associated with artifice in the European gendered imaginary.

departing from traditional meanings, all camoflaged creatures, perhaps especially predators? octopi are so intelligent and such versatile disguise artists. there are crabs that decorate their carapaces with seaflora. caddis-fly larvae build their cocoons from the surrounding detritus, including (in a viral set of photos) from gold nuggets and gems… silkworms are worth exploring

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