*tired voice* instead of cleaning your glasses just wait for your brain to retouch things away so it stops being an issue

Me: woof, I managed to vacuum. Now to rest a week and then-- oh no I need to vacuum again!!

In Sweden they were all like: It's actually impossible to get people to wear masks, you can't get a population to do so, they cant be taught to do so, 🥺

just, ignoring for ex japan and china where people do it even without covid to keep other people safe lmao

covid, pandemic, western orientalism, islamophobia 

imo, a significant part of the base rhetoric for western anti-mask stuff was laid out during the big secular anti-muslim wave that kicked off in the 2000s. all kinds of liberal public intellectuals were coming up with bullshit reasons to demonise "face covering" (read: Muslim hijabi practices). esp see France's ways of criminalising Muslim women. they had to come up with so much sophistry to pretend it was about anything other than phobia.

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I am genuinely grateful that every landlord we have managed to call has been genuinely distressed by the amount of phone calls they receive. It's nothing compared to the strain and suffering of trying to find somewhere to fucking live but I hope they enjoy not being able to use their phones

male nerdmen be like "wooooow really broke my immersion with the forced diversity by making the amazons of themyscara lesbians and wonder woman bi, i simply believed they were completely celibate from all intimacy for 6000 years

a very relatable thing my cat does is discover a new place to sit and get completely obsessed with it and just sit there all day every day for a month

The domestic cat fulfills the long established need in the human psyche for there to be a weird little gremlin nearby that you can look at

Me, to the framed photo of myself that i keep for emotional support: oh, morgz, we’re really in it now

I have joked about the reason there being so many cat girl maids is because they keep knocking things off the table and ending up in deeper debt they need to work off by maidwork

like,,,, Sir i pwomise i was planning on sweeping the floow,,,, but this sunbeam was so warm and nyice i HAD to nap in it :lunapawing: :heartss:

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i think cat maids are a fun concept because cats and maids are practically, like, opposites

only a superstitious ignoramus would believe that the methods of systemic divination and unravelling of mysteries would be inapplicable to the natural world :blobthink:

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the placebo effect? oh you mean ritually performing an act with a thing that isnt the true thing leading to results as if it had been the true thing? that's just perfectly ordinary magic. gonna go reinvent the train next??? lmao!!

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