very aware that a lot of you are like 20 and probably see me as a strange elderly aunt who keeps talking about dicks

imagine me chain smoking and describing how i have fucked in detail as someone ushers away the young'uns

@Dayglochainsaw im a cackling old hag with syphilis and a big fur coat and that's

@byttyrs it's weird giving off toddler vibes and obscene aunt vibes at once but I manage it

@healyn im glad we are both 69 years old and talking about shagging on the net, healyn.

@healyn we are spending our retirement doing what we love, being Online

@horrowfide @healyn please do not butt into mine and my husbands marital conversations

@swampwitch69 @healyn
pffft, i don't want my butt anywhere near your 'marital convesations', whatever that's a euphemism for.

@horrowfide @healyn well maybe we'll have to recind your 'dinner party' invitation then you cheeky bastard.

@swampwitch69 @healyn
but i've already bought the organic broccoli and lube. :(

@swampwitch69 I see you that way and I'm only one year younger than you

@swampwitch69 i was fine with this post until realizde I was older than you, now im gonna go dejectedly crumbble into a heap of bones and dust

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