remembering the time that a bunch of lads in my year at school boasted about how they'd hung out on the weekend and took viagra. imagine chillin in your mams living room with the boys... but the twist is you have pure raging stonk ons.


just hangin out with the lads, erect as fuck.

just with the gang, rock hard and unable to get flaccid any time soon even if i wanted to

@swampwitch69 Ok, they weren't just hanging out. I don't care what they're telling you.

@swampwitch69 sup brosaiah? here's your viagra, welcome to boy's night

@swampwitch69 I'm sure you're wondering why we're all rock hard. just, hard as diamonds in our trackies

@PublicChaffinch @swampwitch69 there was a group of lads at my school who played the biscuit game together, they would have absolutely done this

@swampwitch69 @PublicChaffinch hanny this reminds me i was in waitrose yesterday and there was an annoying child saying 'MUMMY' in the exact voice and i was cracking up, still one of my fave bits from this site

@lennie @PublicChaffinch waitrose child is an iconic and instantly recognisable character

@tiljar drinkin me dads tinnies and listening to some happy hardcore at the bus stop, whilst painfully solid

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