what controversial opinion do you have that you're going to keep to yourself and not tell me because you know better?

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@snakeboy @Manurweibling this is a major misstep. i think this is gonna be the way mads finally gets cancelled

@snakeboy well personally i feel that [redacted], and not only that but [dial up noises]. and honestly? [censorship beep sound byte extended for several seconds].

but that's just my opinion

@snakeboy My controversial opinion I'm going to keep to myself is that I support the working class and I grew up riding a forklift to school.

@snakeboy Computers were a mistake and anything on the Internet is bullshit.

This is on the Internet and may or may not be bullshit.

@mdhughes i would argue you've done a very bad job at keeping that to yourself

@snakeboy Tbe reason Jessi from Saved by the Bell's career never took off is because of the "Im so excited, Im so scared" episode, and not because of Showgirls, because that movie is a masterpiece

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