My favourite thing to post on the fedi? It's uncredited stolen content, of course

Everyone who faves this post is cool and everyone else is a twat

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@snakeboy which one do I need to fave? This one, or the original post? I'm desperately worried about the possibility of being a twat

@CoughingSound a lot of people seem to think it's the reply but it's actually the original post you're gonna want to fave

Of course... feel free to fave both

@CoughingSound that's just a small mistake, you can still do it, i believe in you!

@xj9 @snakeboy actually that makes enforcing copyright the only way to steal information, huh
@snakeboy it doesn't matter who I am. what matters is that the idea that ideas can belong to people is a fucking disease. roll a flat blunt and get educated my dude.

@xj9 like I was fucking definitely talking about that yeah? Not just people shamelessly nicking jokes and things they could credit but just don't.

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