Good morning! Today there is a puppy in my house 🐍

@snakeboy Good morning! If I'm not mistaken, that pup needs a nose boop.

@snakeboy Nice. Did you blow dry your hair today? Maybe use a little product? It is glorious.

@ElfLord all natural baby πŸ˜‰ I actually do just wake up like this

@snakeboy Wow you should be a hair model. This is you stuck in a job you hate talking to your mother and looking back on your life on your deathbed: "I coulda been a hair model, Ma!"

@ElfLord wait, so I die before my mum? Damn alright, weird way to find out

@snakeboy My brain just kind of doesn't think and I type things subconsciously. Sometimes it's a fucked up story about how you die before your mom.

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