Putting on my cowboy hat and logging on to say "y'all" online for some reason despite living in fucking Kent or something

@snakeboy I say y'all in my head all the time, if I ever say it out loud I will die of embarrassment

@EdgarAllanFoe @ADUB no, it really isn't, you sound like a cowboy. If you're from England it's ridiculous

@snakeboy @EdgarAllanFoe @ADUB I'm from the U.S. but I still don't say ya'll because I leave in the north-east and that would be ridiculous.

@radicalrobit @snakeboy @EdgarAllanFoe @ADUB unless you are in times square with a cowboy hat. only place in the a North-East I wouldn't bat an eye

@radicalrobit @EdgarAllanFoe howdy y'all, pleased to meet you I'm Edwin Humphreys-Ainsworth, hailing from Cambridge

@snakeboy Hey well at least you're safe in the knowledge that you're the only cowboy in Kent, dont have to duel anyone at dawn!

@SuperGideon yeah, I guess... pardner *i lower my cowboy hat, kick the dirt and climb atop my horse*

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