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I had something I wanted to talk about that's much too long to post on here so I've made a zine, sort of longer writing than I usually do.
If you want to read me talk about drugs and god you could read this, it's about smoking dmt

im a semen retention guy, but only because i dont have anywhere to put it. all the tupperware is used up right now

doctor manhattan could have looked like anything and he chose that

I'm gonna be 29, someone I work with just tried to guess my age and said 22. not sure how long I can keep getting away with this

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proudly duct taping my dick and balls to the fridge

it's my birthday next friday, make a note and remember to be extra nice to me


if you pour a whole bottle of vodka down the toilet while you've got the shakes then the alcoholism fairy appears and she can grant you one single wish (as long as the wish is to get into woodworking, get into physical fitness or become a born again christian)

love it when someone does a drawing and tries to make it nice and progressive by showing little imperfections like ungroomed body or facial hair and it just ends up looking like when they zoom in so far on spongebob that the art style changes and he looks disgusting

that's it. I am now putting covid-19 on the naughty list

selfie ec 

my 'fragile do not stack!' has people asking a lot of questions already answered by my hat

if I do a post and there's a word missing it's because I meant to, that's the kind of wacky person I am

a thing i've been doing recently is listening to 'do the bartman'

they invented video games in the 70s so people would have something to do other than drink and drive

to the joker the crazy frog is just a regular frog

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