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I had something I wanted to talk about that's much too long to post on here so I've made a zine, sort of longer writing than I usually do.
If you want to read me talk about drugs and god you could read this, it's about smoking dmt

feels like just yesterday the entire local TL of monads was me posting about berating my dick and balls in the public library for talking back to me

olga wanted to go out in the back garden, but she didn't because it's raining, so she went and pawed at the front door, like the weather changes if you go out a different door.

it is truly amazing how much conservative political thought boils down to "it is impossible to make the world good, therefore instead we should make it bad, which is good, somehow"

no more culture, society has grown past the need for a culture

top tip: if a news headline is a question then usually you can just very easily answer that question yourself in your head and not read the article

we gotta normalize telling people to shut the fuck up

*this really p0wns my dick voice*

this really chaps my asshole

ill be your number one with a bullet
a loaded god complex
cock and ball torture

Many of you changed your avatar shortly after I followed you, or changed your avatar frequently enough that I never linked them all together in my memory, so I have all these people I follow and I swear they just appeared one day on my timeline but apparently I’ve been following them since time immemorial

I think jail could be fun, actually. No girls, just you and the boys, like a big sleepover

you see, the dick is the father, the son is the balls, and the foreskin is the holy ghost

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trying to appeal to the youth by describing god with dick and balls metaphors

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