Surprised to see my post about mc names getting any attention cos I thought it was too niche. So I will throw in an additional bit of info: A lot of people I know would go to a shed someone had made into a space for blasting happy hardcore and rapping in front of eachother. It was called 'shedagize'

Thinking about how many toots I've just started by saying "thinking about..."

Thinking about making some decisions today, bad ones mainly

There's only two art styles: anime and Steven universe
* A million art majors yell at me*
Nope. Only two styles

is it wrong to teach a gorilla to hate, to fear others, to wish for retribution, to hold contempt in it's heart? well if that's so, i don't want to be right..

atlas shrugged more like atlas chugged, dick, atlas chugged dick

Thinking about all the mc names people I went to school with had. mc swift, mc lil b, mc buzzin. I hope they stayed dedicated to their craft

Hmm I don't seem to have lost any followers after revealing I own and definitely do wear a pair of cargo shorts. I've got to step my game up, watch this space for coming atrocities.

Niccy rush or baccy buzz? The debate of the century

i have an easter egg for the first time in about a decade

Nahhh I totally washed my hands, feel them, they're sopping wet

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