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I had something I wanted to talk about that's much too long to post on here so I've made a zine, sort of longer writing than I usually do.
If you want to read me talk about drugs and god you could read this, it's about smoking dmt

I caught my teenage son smoking Linux out of a pop can

Good #boobsday morning! The Uber is on the way to take me to the hospital, wish me luck!

I've never learned how to spell "unnecessarily". Every time you see me using "unnecessarily" spelled correctly I have copy and pasted from searching the word.

casual reminder that twitter lets you control who can reply to your post

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part of being healthy is watching what goes into your body. for example you want to stay far away from knives and bullets and things of that nature entering the body. Really any kind of sword or blade.

the proper response to many of the things online is simply 'ok dude'

every time I think Brad at work is listening to some different music for once Eminem starts his verse and proves me wrong

science is when you pour colored liquids into each other and make smoke and sparks and shit. idk what the fuck the rest of you weirdos are talking about

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