alc shitpost 

sitting in my cargo shorts, reading jokes making fun of people that wear cargo shorts and nodding sagely

Big mood, you say? Well, mine is the biggest mood of all. And that mood is: "I am wearing cargo shorts!"

Sound off below, and let me know your favorite uses for salt. Personally, I love to use it to make things taste saltier!

🎡 I've got soul but I'm not a soulpatch 🎡

lewd and very stupid 

Okay, I'll bite. What's fascism?

The modern symbol of communism should be the tools of the modern worker:

A burger spatula crossed with a pneumatic nail gun

This was going to be a shitpost

but the more I think about it...

Starting to think my neck tattoo of charmander doing a massive bong hit might be affecting my employment opportunities :/

what if they made hate island instead of love island

I’m excited to announce that I’m working on combination of the words Tesla and testicles, and I estimate that I will be wrecking Elon Musk’s shit no later than Q4.

Having a proxy argument by boosting toots with opposing viewpoints

Obviously respecting women is not a competition. All I’m saying is that if it were, I would be a gold medalist

boy i really should get more sleep, you guys know that feeling?

From now on I will exclusively posting about how I should get more sleep. Sorry, not enough engagement lately and I need to be more relatable

We should just get RID of the bourgeoisie so we never have to spell it again

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