@snakeboy ok you made me look it up, and what the hell it looks like aliens

I think I thought they grew out of the ground individually like little cabbages, is this stupid? I don't know

I just walked past an allotment and learnt what brussels sprouts look like when they're growing, at age 27. I don't know what I expected them to look like but this has shaken me to my core

ahh fuck, if anything I'm just even more worried now

yous need to wait until I notice my typos before you give me attention

you know what they say "go to bed thinking about the 'baby baby' song from um jammer lammy l, wake up thinking about the 'baby baby' song from um jammer lammy"

don't have to go to work today so don't know what i'm meant to do now

doing a pspsps to try to coax out the creatures that lurk in the corner of my vision at 3 AM

The human body should be transparent, I wanna see what's going on in there

mastodon isn't crumbling, it's blowing up. because it was made in a factory.

a bomb factory.

it's a bomb.

the faves on this are a who's who of aging male mastodon users


Buddy, you're life has just begun *points to my glorious grey nose hairs and peels out in my mid-life crisis convertible that I bought after the divorce*

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