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I had something I wanted to talk about that's much too long to post on here so I've made a zine, sort of longer writing than I usually do.
If you want to read me talk about drugs and god you could read this, it's about smoking dmt

women? fascinating. endless depths of personality and history. and pussy, that too

I went with hanny and I kept assuring strangers that she was the one with a podcast, I was just tagging along

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never seen the sopranos before so hoping I don't get really into it and become a huge cliche now

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are your kids talking about percussion online? look for these acronyms!

SMTP: shaking my tambourine proudly
IMAP: I’m a percussionist
TCP: Tight conga part
HTTPS: Hand Technique: Tito Puente Style

saw the sopranos movie the other night, it was 2 hours long and I didn't go for a piss the entire time

what if I finally changed my avi on here after 3 years but it was to one of those NFT lions?

we're also going to listen to the new limp bizkit single and make a post online saying it's rly good and has a solid hook

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Good morning 🌞 we're going to listen to fetty wap and eat high protein porridge this morning, we're all at it

do anarchists refuse to watch Charles In Charge

this is what peak posting looks like. i don't know why any of us do anything else

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i think the fediverse would be a better place if we only posted to say good morning to each other

@snakeboy logging onto my banking website right now just to do this

logging onto various website purely to say "i don't care" out loud and immediately close the tab

how do you tell if it's time to start shaving your toes? also if you start are you locked in?

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