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I had something I wanted to talk about that's much too long to post on here so I've made a zine, sort of longer writing than I usually do.
If you want to read me talk about drugs and god you could read this, it's about smoking dmt

Everybody needs to come up with a nounboysona so they can enter Nounboy Rumble 2020 and finally knock those Tarzan and Snake -boys off their pedestal.

nine out of ten customers describe @snakeboy's dick as 'perfectly good'

@LuigiEsq snakeboy is okay too, i guess, but he keeps beating me at pool when we hang out down the arcades so he is smug enough already and doesn't need the praise

@bogperson420 I strongly support the nounboy genre of poster. A backbone of the cloutconomy.

nobody gets art like I get art, feels good to be the only person capable of enjoying things in the correct and proper way

they're listening to 'lose yourself' by eminem. i wonder if the husband has been left alone

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this makes me feel important, these skittles are not even worthy of being chewed up by me

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Don't interrupt me, this is my fifteen minutes of daily alone time where I sit in a dark room and think about DarksydePhil

Might as well go back to bed. today was probably gonna be be shit anyway so it's definitely not gonna top this, the day's peaked


@snakeboy I've already given you plenty, the time has come

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