my hot take? homestar runner is homestuck for people who played wii smash on a CRT at eric's house

@LilyVers @selontheweb n64 smash was thursday nights at cousin paul's while my mom had tea with aunty wendy. then id watch the crystal maze

@selontheweb i’m mad at this but i cant act like it isn’t true

- spawned a bunch of memes that people who don't even care about the original media use
- no one cares about every single character
- clinging to life well past it's prime through a point-and-click adventure game that really doesn't capture the essence of why people enjoyed the original, but with no clear explanation as to why

@selontheweb this isn't true and you know it, you're just using the fact that they share the first six letters to hurt people

@selontheweb unfortunately to refute this I would have to learn more things about Homestuck, and you will not trick me that easily

@robotcarsley I don't know a fuckin thing about homestuck but it just feels right

@selontheweb @robotcarsley I don't need to know what a Homestuck even is to know when I've been called out and I've been called out severely

@selontheweb -main character was clearly introduced as a throwaway antagonist and then the writer decided they were cooler than the protagonists

@selontheweb please don't read homestuck as i feel you understanding the crap i'm obsessed with would make you lose respect for me

@wintgenstein it's ok angel I've spent hours learning the difference between aka and akatosh I don't think I'm one to judge

@selontheweb i don’t understand this but homestar is great and i won’t have you disparaging it

@selontheweb Homestar Runner is Homestuck for folks who bought a new computer with "but will it get 30 frames on Quake 3 with everything maxed out?"

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