yesterday i asked you if you were ready for an era of expanding past the mundane into a month of transcendent awareness.

Today I would like to present a suggested program of escape.

i'll call this the debord-buendia aktion program, you can call it whatever you want

1. Upon waking, attempt to record a dream. Invent one otherwise.

3. When sitting, notice the hollow weight of the day and ask yourself where you’d rather be. Ask yourself if there’s a way to rapidly construct where you’d rather be immediately. Ask yourself what you can do in the meantime.

4. One hour after eating meals, reconcile your bodies parasympathetic dreaming with your forebrained rationality through expressive action; visual art, writing, audio, hoot, howl, drill with a firearm, sketch the shape of the space you inhabit

5. When entering your home, move directly to your room, and mark your intuitive awareness of the world outside our own in ink on the floor by the bed. This is paramount. Your brain is reconciling its shift between working, existing in public, and existing in private. Why aren’t you.

6. Consume a piece of challenging dreamwork every day. jodorowsky, the great surrealists, 5 pages of magical realism. Suggestions include 100 Years of Solitude, back issues of the French Journals of the Situationist International

if you do this every day for a month i guarantee you nothing will happen that you can notice but it will happen nonetheless

here's the stuff from debord-buendia program from episode 15, for your reference uwu

poring over manuscripts and filling up notebooks with scribbles about whatever this is you're describing

@venko it's a program for slipping past the mundane into a transcendental reality

not gonna lie, "Formulary for a New Urbanism" could just be a shitpost and I would not be able to tell

@witchfynder_finder @venko i should carve out more time to finish my piece on that, there just aren't enough hours in the day

@selontheweb also take one day off from transcending your existence this month to pokemon go to your state’s polls and vote for bernie sanders

@selontheweb i lucked out since the florida primary is on st. patrick’s day and it will be hard to mediate around those buck wild protestants pretending to be irish

@evan fuckin lmao. evan you are putting up a valiant effort in florida i'm proud of you boo

@selontheweb sel it is equally important that you canvass brooklyn. easy to forget in the chapo/e1/cumtown whatever bubble that not every podcaster is on our side... and don’t even get me started on the small business owners over there

@selontheweb if you own a bistro with food of an ethnicity other than your own and you don’t get in my car and vote for bernie right now i’m going to have my mob guys extort you. And they don’t extort nicely. Take note, brooklyn

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