mankind shaming truth all the way back into her well


mankind decides to get real serious about epistemological anarchy as they revel in their victory above the well

@selontheweb you mean white folk please <3 don't make one of my subtoots yesterday about you :P

@emsenn of course lol, this is just meant as a surreal joke shitpost more than any actual critique

@emsenn i mean if anything this could be read as a joke about how cis men like to mansplain? i recognize that this sort of patriarchal thinkjng is bound up in settler-colonial kyrarchy. i apologise, I'm trying to understand where you're coming from. would it have been better to say "white mankind..."?

@selontheweb Hmm... I think for the joke to have the same spirit I might have said "civilization" instead of "mankind," but my go-to is "white folk" when I'm meaning to talk about "human nature within the hegemony"

Any correction does make it more of a thinker and less funny, I do concede that.

@emsenn i understand, that makes a lot of sense. yes i was just trying to riff on the popular "truth coming out of her well to shame mankind" format more than anything else. appreciate you taking the time to talk it out with me

@selontheweb Oh I don't know that format tbh maybe that led to my reading it how I did

@emsenn ah yes, i can see how that might make this read as less of a shitpost! yes it is based on this meme, itself based on a painting (which features some nudity, if you're at work):

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