chortling with my hunter-gatherers. "that's so agrarian" we say. we put on our black sunglasses and pop the collars on our leather jackets

looking at some shitty neo-traditional architecture and loudly scoffing "that's so agrarian."

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smelling a field and writing "that's so agrarian" in the soft tilled soil

@selontheweb wow i like your linen dress.. it's like... so agrarian

@casey whoa haha is that a new bronze doodad? shaped like a boar? are you for aestheticizing these new developments in food production? lmfao. that's so agrarian dog.

@selontheweb wow... is that a stone ball? wait - what? a carved stone ball? OMG that's so fuckin neolithic

@casey bahaha, wait are you for real making a bas relief of a river god conquering your neighboring desert-nomad tribes? could you be any more neolithic

@selontheweb omgggg are you really raiding that posh village? direct action gets the grave goods

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