this is matt monahan. matty mo is a millionaire. matty mo calls himself "The Most Famous Artist" and makes tons of money.

matty mo went to stanford and "co-founded Sharethrough in San Francisco in 2007, a software company that offered publishers and brand marketers a platform for native monetization." sharethrough makes lots of money off of you and your data.

Matty mo made a lot of money and then became the CEO of alphaboost and promptly tried to sell it. he couldn't.

he couldn't sell it because video surfaced online of him shitfaced and naked on a beach when he was supposed to be in the middle of his million-dollar negotiations. so instead of swearing off social media as any reasonable person would, he decided to chase the high and the big fucking bucks as a visual and performance artist.

he got started by painting on paintings. his wiki says it's in the tradition of duchamp and warhol but is "modernized" because it's posted on social media. cool.

pretty cool! i think that painting says a lot about our society, and i think it says a lot about society because of social media, and brand, and pictures. i think this picture sold for a grand. cool! what a waste of everyone's time.

to quote some press, "Every one of Mo’s pieces is aimed at going viral on social media. He says that his “Selfie Wall” in Venice, California, has been his most successful so far and claims that it’s the most Instagrammed mural ever." here's a look at that.

what do we think? anyone feel anything looking at that besides revulsion? confusion? anyone feel like there's nothing here besides pointless money-grubbing from a rich kid with too much time on his hands? a disgusting display of narcissism?

wait til you see this next piece.

"For his latest project, Mo put together 10 art pieces for sale titled “One Hundred Thousand Dollars.” Each piece resembles a stack of a thousand $1,000 bills, however, only the $100 bills on the top and bottom of the stacks are visible so the true monetary value is a mystery."

wow. this says a lot about how image is everything in our money based world. i am thinking.

how much you think he made on this stunt?

"Each stack went for $5,000 and the first piece was sold within 20 minutes after Mo listed it on Instagram. Within five hours, eight of the pieces had sold and the last two sold overnight.

Mo will be hand-delivering each stack to the buyers and will include a signed certificate of authenticity that includes 1,000 unique serial numbers for each dollar bill used to create the artwork."

my man made 50 grand on this shit. does this make you think or feel anything other than "there is too much money on earth. the worst people on earth have the most money. there is no such thing as irony." no? hm. what about "if this was meant as a critique, it could maybe mean something." what about "this is not meant as a critique. it is meant for social media followers and brand deals."


hey did i mention mo says he made 350 million dollars selling a company called "Wildfire" to Google.

"Mo says he hopes that his art will inspire other artists to effectively use social media to market their brands in a way that will earn them a decent living the way he has."

he's done a whole lot of other shit. he proposed to miley cyrus on instagram as his first foray into performance art. he did a fake fyre island thing where he set up cardboard cutouts and bad sandwhiches on some fake sand in a gallery. real cutting edge shit. but i want to close out with the piece you can see him sitting in in the first picture of this thread. "The Private Jet Experience."

yeah he just built a fake private jet you can take selfies in. that's the whole thing. he didn't even pay for it, he got money from snapchat to start a company called "SelfieCircus." now this is art, too me. here's mo on this brilliant work:

"The Private Jet Experience was created because we wanted to be able to take pictures on a private jet like all of the celebrities we see online. Most people cannot afford a real jet, so we made one that democratizes access to a backdrop previously reserved for the rich and famous."

here is a quote from my journal when i first read this about a year ago:

Matto Mo wants to "democratize access" to images of wealth.

The spectacle eats itself, it co-opts the language of liberation, of the diffusion of power in the hands of the many into an image of individual excess, a symbol of limitless freedom promised by the vision of liberal capital. Not only is the private jet the ultimate vision of an extractive, eco-contemptious chauvinism, a round rejection of any notion of a "democratic free movement,"....

providing people with the opportunity to enter that fantasy does nothing to rob it of its power. In fact, by failing to examine WHY individuals wish to be photographed in the lap of excess, it is PARTICIPATING in the reproduction of spectacular images of excess. This is not pointed, there is no distinction between the appearance of a thing and the reality of that thing.

There is hardly any dissonance when one even finds out that they have been lied to, because the subject of the image replaces the illusion of capital with the illusion of artistic participation. There is no more unethical spectacle. It's pathetic!!!!

i was very mad about it. here's some more from mo: "With The Private Jet Experience, we are purposefully commoditising a symbol of excess, ultimately nullifying the status boost people receive from posting photos on real private planes, thereby forcing everyone to be more creative and seek out the next great symbol of influence"

so there you have it. we actually aren't making the power of the spectacle any stronger. nono. we are forcing people to be more creative to be more influential.

i fucking hate matty mo. as far as i can tell he's basically exactly who we're meant to emulate as creative people. this is the ultimate entrepreneur. this is what hito steyerl talks about when she says that art is a currency. art will no longer be burned under the new fascism. it will be used to attract enemies to yachts, to decorate slaughterhouses. it doesn't matter anymore. what matters is display, the conceit of /pretending to think/.

matty mo is the poet laureate of Ivanka Trump's administration, 2028. matty mo lurks inside you.

@selontheweb lmao he is literally saying "you should instead flaunt your wealth by paying me, an artist, to do something for you. This is more creative and therefore more valuable"

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@selontheweb getting paid a billion dollars, for posting , and saying stuff like "art. is like a selfie. "

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@selontheweb i didn't totally have a vision of "larping as a starving artist" until i saw this guy

his brand is "artist" insofar as he's trying to go through all the motions of doing art so people give him money, he's performing all the signifiers of art without any of the underlying drive to say something besides "im an artist"

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@selontheweb a parasite feeding off pests

if only he aimed higher and became a parasitoid!



Up until about 10 minutes ago, I'd never heard of this guy, and now I want those 10 minutes back...

@selontheweb i love the fact he claims to be the most famous artist but i literally never heard of him until now

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@Sapphicgiraffic oh it's free, but you have to register online. it toured the country at some point, for some fucking reason

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@selontheweb having gone to art college, this reads as some extremely "first year of art college" statement writing

@alex i mean i haven't been to art school but i'm surprised it's even at that level lmao

@selontheweb when everyone's 18 and out of high school and excited about making art and writing stuff like "basically it allows the audience to think about things in a different way"

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