whole realms in poplar trees, the frogs in waistcoats, the daffodils at sea, the young nervous man fumbling with papers and tubes, gasses spreading across the ground, atlantic shipwrecks dredged up by punks, fools dipping toes in sand and smiling at children, children smiling at doctors, doctors playing hooky, kissing beneath mushrooms,

gratitude shown towards shrines, spheres awakening from sleep, intimacy with stars, boiling cauldrons of weary soups, families holding hands in the overwhelming face of tragic pools, soft and warm bumps in the night, the image of bliss beneath blankets, the sensation of lips on necks, swans in pubs, wine bottle sounds, frosted glass, men slowly softening angles, buildings groaning with nothing.

crows crowding into concert halls, bags overflowing with gritty coarse sand, sticky papers face down in the desert, huge twisting spires lying down for the night, big cups with smaller cups in them, sad little enbies inspecting their hands, families of queers raising children on their farms near their cows, cows asleep in the eye-level sun of early evening, a bus-driver stretching, a car with no steering wheel, a cricket losing their ticket, a home with more doors than windows

frogs in their balls, debutante palm trees, elegance in the early afternoon, slinkies in slinky dresses, corkscrews glittering in the coldness of space, families living in water bottles, nonprofit organizations burning against the night sky, tenderness shown to parquet floor, blank tombstones, tombstones with a single character on them, dads bending at the waist not touching their toes, kids touching their toes, smiling as frankly as possible on a pebble beach

proud of dis one. reminds me of my nothingpost threads but with a little something. somethingposts.

@selontheweb these legitimately felt super lovely and calming to read. Each little snippet conjured an image like a daydream made of candle smoke that floated into the next and it was beautiful

@selontheweb "the sensation of lips on necks" this got me- no all of this got me way before that1- this is really good thank u 4dis

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