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yesterday i asked you if you were ready for an era of expanding past the mundane into a month of transcendent awareness.

Today I would like to present a suggested program of escape.

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whole realms in poplar trees, the frogs in waistcoats, the daffodils at sea, the young nervous man fumbling with papers and tubes, gasses spreading across the ground, atlantic shipwrecks dredged up by punks, fools dipping toes in sand and smiling at children, children smiling at doctors, doctors playing hooky, kissing beneath mushrooms,

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Futzing around with nodes a bit more before bed. Distortion increases along the Z axis. #blender

So upon rewatching Mission Hill I have this EXTREMELY Important question about our friend Posie

@selontheweb why else would i seek out dope shit like abandoned houses or rusted up car frames to live inside of

does every queer just have a very intense memory of trespassing and spend the rest of their lives trying to recapture that feeling or is that just some of them


stupid the stuff you start feeling nostalgic for. stupid how miserable i was back then

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they fucking trenched me dude. they fucking put me in the trench

us epidemiologist, queer history 

did you know that dr. fucky was a big shot during the AIDS crisis and didn't lift a finger to help queer people in this country. so cool. there's great signs from folks protesting featuring yr fav task force dude

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get this: dr. fucky. bet they'll listen to you now old man

god i wish it was as easy to plot an assassination as it was like a hundred years ago.

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