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i work in the nonprofit sector. most nonprofits are bunk. the ones that actually matter are the small, on-the-ground ones, that usually have few to zero full time staff members, led by Black organizers and activists, led by trans people, led by the communities they actually serve.

so many of the orgs in this donation form are orgs like that.

short of directly redistributing to Black, trans people, this is where your money will actually help. Donate.

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yesterday i asked you if you were ready for an era of expanding past the mundane into a month of transcendent awareness.

Today I would like to present a suggested program of escape.

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whole realms in poplar trees, the frogs in waistcoats, the daffodils at sea, the young nervous man fumbling with papers and tubes, gasses spreading across the ground, atlantic shipwrecks dredged up by punks, fools dipping toes in sand and smiling at children, children smiling at doctors, doctors playing hooky, kissing beneath mushrooms,

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🐸💚✖️💚✖️💚let😖💚the💭💨froggies🐸💦hit🤏😇the floor😽🤤💚✖️💚✖️💚🐸

@selontheweb -main character was clearly introduced as a throwaway antagonist and then the writer decided they were cooler than the protagonists

@selontheweb unfortunately to refute this I would have to learn more things about Homestuck, and you will not trick me that easily

@selontheweb i’m mad at this but i cant act like it isn’t true

my hot take? homestar runner is homestuck for people who played wii smash on a CRT at eric's house

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