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i can hear the fucking national anthem rolling over the fucking hills

how has everyone been enjoying queen elizabeth ii’s state fun so far

listening to the teaches of peaches on this tragic occasion and wiping away a tear... perhaps if her maj had heeded its advice and 'fuck[ed] the pain away' she'd still be here with us today

put down on the record there that i was taking a shit while the queen’s funeral was happening. i want that acknowledged

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- several adorable kittens
- me taking a shit in private

we encountered some big beasties on our walk, wilma was desperate to get right up to them which is hilarious because she's terrified of sheep, decided not to get too close because I don't really know what kind of temperament they have

very moving to hear that the queen is being buried with her ceremonial sex arse

just finished reading kate beaton’s Ducks and aaa it’s very good

day of national observance 

happy talk like a pirate day!!!!

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