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get on the bus with me DAY SAVER
smoke the reefer in the CORNER

@pisscotheque he died doing what he loved. being a mysterious creep

when i was younger, i was a maintenance worker at a beach club a couple summers. that's where i met a deranged biker Vietnam vet who told me, "when it's hot and sticky, that's no time for dunkin' dicky. when there's frost on the pumpkin, time for dicky dunkin'"

i assume he's dead now

time for this year’s compulsory showing of Walt Disney’s Bambi (1942)

i downloaded all 10.000 of those ugly lazy lions nfts and turned them into a mosaic of a person right-clicking

getting kicked out of the orgy because I won't stop singing the cheers theme tune

tonight we're drinking creme de cassis out the bottle

leaving late nite favs on serbian folk rock on youtube in order to confuse that stupid bitch, me from the future

😂 Here's to the Happiest Years of my Life... spent in the arms of another man's wife....

My colleague Mark's wife! fuck you mark

such a sad day, rip to the queen of england :(

antique shop, in ma cock. there's an antique shop, in ma cock. dusty cum. dusty cum

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