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BDSM stands for Billionaire dies on Space Mission

everywhere online, people are lauding the "illustrious writing career" of this "joyce carol oats", as if that's not clearly the name of a horse who did not even do us the courtesy of publishing under a pseudonym

me standing behind telepathic people and calmly thinking "i only poo at home, not here" over and over again with a wide eyed smile

@dockers you can see when stackoverflow goes down because the overall skill level of everyone in IT drops about 70%

stop saying "my kid could paint that," and start saying "my kid *will* paint that!" the time is now to introduce your child to the lucrative world of art forgery

*foucault voice* the inside of a fish’s mouth when it eats you and it closes its mouth and you rattle in vain against its teeth as if they were the bars of a jail cell. is a prison

I hope that wherever @pig is, he's having a nice day

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