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we must simply wait and hope that someone else has claimed it before me

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i think what i really want is to look at the dolls' house furniture, to touch it to my face, and to imagine for a moment that i am a victorian dormouse in a pinafore who has trespassed into a child's nursery. unfortunately according to the rules of freecycle if you want to do these things you also have to take the dolls' house furniture away

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god help me i have just enquired after two full carrier bags of dolls' house furniture on freecycle

all communication is violence. hope this helps!

a single leave from any good plant.
some hot hot HOT! water
and just a splash of milk from the most noble of all god's beasts on earth: the humble cow.
ah! delectable. that's the drink known simply as: tea.

i swear to god brother, you know damn well that when my whole deal is that i am inscrutable, that it will bloody well cramp my vibe to be scruted

feel lik im going to let me nuts hang at some point this summer

if i ran a cafe or a bar, it would be called The Pink Drink and the logo would be a dog holding a pink milkshake and making the dreamworks face! hope this information helps someone

@pisscotheque Ah, I thought it was a throwback to when they were established ages ago as the Groovy Egg Company LTD

i invited you into my home, my special sanctum, my safe space and you, you took a pin to my inflatable toilet.

simply playing frank sinatra's "my way" after i fuck anything up

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