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De-motivational posters 

I made these because I made these because I made these because

i just want to make a genoise sponge in their kitchen. i want to use their food processor. just once please

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starting to realise that the aesthetic of classic and timeless luxury is for me encapsulated entirely in the banks house from fresh prince of bel air

i've just got to the bit where they roll up the mini roll into a roll and baby!!!! let me tell you

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covid life 

me and my family and friends all seem to have simultaneously given up the act, and are now simply responding "wish i was dead hbu xxx" to all enquiries after our wellbeing

im using the power of my mind alone to go on an imaginary guided tour of the cadbury's mini roll factory

good morning. i regret to inform you that i am once again in paroxysms on the floor, having been reminded about the concept of "the toilet"

you want to know what’s funny? a toilet. you want to know what’s even funnier? a BIG toilet

reading a take, pausing, stroking my beard thoughtfully, then hitting the big red button on my desk labelled 'nah'

Doctors hate him (Mothgraur the doctor eater)

it finally happened, just had that thing where you wake up in the night with an idea so clever that you have to write it down for the morning. it just says “huey lewis and the poos”. thanks i suppose!

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