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🎶if i only could
i’d make a deal with god🎶
🎶and i’d get him to swap our asses

hey, Europeans, don't forget we have concentration camps too. migrant camps, immigration detention centres, they're all over the place here

thinking about my good friend @pisscotheque , who i haven't seen in 103 months

animal crossing, incidental fatphobia 

last pics i took on my old phone in 2015 documented me and my sister's last visit to our gamecube animal crossing town

Scientists: Of course there could be other explanations and it's not certain that there are lots of tiny little organisms floating around in Venus' atmosphere.

bad don’t open 

got a drawstring on the coochie

cool machinations sexy. Mind if i foil them

people who repair retro consoles will one day occupy the space in our zeitgeist currently reserved for the little old men who make Swiss watches while wearing a dozen pairs of spectacles


this mf has spent the 48 hours since his capture trying to escape. i found him halfway up the living room wall last night while i was in the middle of Being John Malkovitch

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this was one larger caterpillar earlier today. this isn’t how caterpillars work

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@pisscotheque three caterpillars in a trenchcoat


i think it’s trying to weave a chrysalis but it looks like it’s transformed into several smaller caterpillars in the process? they are all wiggling

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