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hot take, 'identity' as the principle way of thinking about trans & non-binary people is a liberal trap, a desperate recapitulation of the trans & nonbinary threat to the 'innate' categoric mandate of gender.

ANY intellectually-honest account of gender must acknowledge that it is constantly being forced to grab gender by a different hand-hold, that gender shakes off its analyst like a bull shakes off its rider. if you start by talking about reproductive capacity, gestation & insemination, you are forced by infertility and intersexing and castration and celibacy and non-reproductive sexuality to begin talking instead about clothes, or division of labor, or burial rites. every 'defining' aspect of gender explodes upon too-careful observation.

I refuse to demonstrate that my womanhood is 'no threat' to the integrity of womanhood as a category by appealing to a secret truth. I am a woman Because the category of womanhood lacks integrity. you cannot threaten what never lived & cannot die.

Tony Stark is the long lost brother of Benjen and Eddard and Lyanna whomst was banished after sticking his dick in The Wall

@pisscotheque don't try to get with me unless that 🍑 has a GWAM of at least 100

Dinosaurs: warn blooded or cold blooded? Scales or feathers? These are the questions herpetologists and paleontologists have asked for years. My new theory: none. The reason we can only find fossils is because they were only ever bones to begin with. That meteor broke the magic obelisk that was giving them life. Thank you very much

If a snowman asked me if I was married I would literally shit myself

i’ve posted photos of this because it's an occupational health issue

turn down the eagles. i don't want the neighbours to know that i listen to the eagles

In conclusion: Don't refrigerate chips, muffins, bread, or the parliament building of another country

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