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bring me a big line of sharks are getting cryogenically frozen. the nyt is calling them perennials

the CIA did all they could to make helicoptering your dick something that garners ridicule, because they know if you get super good at it you will be able to fly wherever you want for free, eventually ending the reign of cars

all of us bonding covalently in neverending combinations, existing in various trifectas

seeing a lot of people who havent fucked off yet.. disappointing...

you're "mowing the lawn"? yeah whatever, you're shaving the earth. grow up.

selfie, eye contact, yr fella
back in the old village to do a sweet, sad thing

ah brunch. time to assassinate prince albert

looking forward to my future career as a poet. only way i can get anything published is as an independent contractor for the Disney-Amazon-Netflix corporation. my poems are still inscrutable nonsense, but now they're technically part of the Dumbo extended universe

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