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If a victory isn't pyrrhic I don't want to know about it

@laser i might be overselling it, 90% of the lyrics are 'everybody in the club say 'poop out my ass''

the last neurons to fire in my brain are going to be playing Dean Pelton's payday rap.

It's very unlikely that I would fall down a well

the common french phrase "tant pis", meaning "aunts' piss"

the sad thing about all of it is that when you change the lyrics of a song to a cat's name and sing it to the cat, the cat doesn't even really "get" it

thinking about writing something in a twisted font to match my twisted mind...

Please sir, there's no need to be so epic. I have a wife and kids

japanese city pop was the japanese answer to yacht rock, with the activity taking place in cars instead of yachts due to the fact that japan, as we know, is landlocked

is it any coincidence that ghosts are bell-shaped. no. the bell is one of the Lord's most pleasingly-scented shapes. are human's bells? great question

Table of Contents:

Attack of the Sausages.... (3)

Parade of the Sausages... (97)

Glossary............................. (98)

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