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i, an ordinary brit, am always on the lookout for a chance to make.... hope jeremy clarkson Allows It To Be Revealed Soon

i checked facebook for the first time in a while, and it seems like things are going well

chaining myself to the railings of bbc television centre until they change the gardener's world theme tune back

ghost in the shell is about my experience of being haunted by a boiled egg

saw a picture of all the safety gear you have to wear to be a youtuber. looks like dangerous work!

the next step in human evolution, a self cleaning butt

they don't let you take candles on commercial boat journeys in case it tips over and sets fire to the ocean

ive had a few "rural affairs" in my time, if you know what i mean

@pisscotheque [in this toot amy works at animal control] tough day at animal control eh?

if there's one thing i really do not care to focus on, it is "the task at hand"

valid to be a big bumbling chucklefuck who trips over your own dick all the time

i don't want to do anything, which is unfortunate as doing things is literally the only reason i am paid to be here

Every character in the marvel movies is able to fly a plane

today's spiciest meme is being gentle with each other

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