lying awake waiting for luke to wake up and start posting pictures of pylons shrouded in fog

i have information that will lead to the bimbofication of donald trump

molecules are like polycules but their members are comprised of moles

An inner world where life is built on a male's way to grab a penguin that gets catapulted 1 5 metres in the sea, plankton.

im awake at 3am, or “good idea time”, googling girls i used to date

anyway pere ubu’s almanac will be available at a discounted price of about £8/$10 on the mOnocle-lash site in perpetuity due to lulu publishing weirdness. it’s a really fun little book and i had a good time translating it!! thx

my mate olchar runs the publishing label, mOnocle-lash anti-press, and is doing some incredibly cool work bringing translation and histories of the 19th & early 20th century avant-gardes to modern readers, as well as publishing new work by contemporary avant-garde artists - if you are nice enough to click through and look at my thing please check out the other stuff on the site!! there's some cool as fuck stuff on there

my fuckin TRANSLATION PROJECT that i've been working on is finally finished and available!! Pere Ubu's Almanac is a hefty zine create by Alfred Jarry, the guy behind Ubu Roi and Exploits & Opinions of Dr Faustroll, in 1899. i don't think it's ever appeared in english translation before and i may have done a cack-handed job of it because i am a baby who has somehow learned to use a computer!! NEVERTHELESS

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