Herman is getting a rib removed so he can bite his own tail

im listening to famous cool experimental noise outfit called egg anus, who's in?

"who named it the mashed potato??! And what were they smonking!!!!"

I could hear my neighbors having an ugly breakup and when i went outside i found this

@scribblefrog @healyn iโ€™m gonna try and take some pictures of my local ones doing it once the weather gets hot again

@scribblefrog @healyn my favourite is when they lie face down on the ground with one leg out for cooling purposes

@hanny iโ€™m just putting some blue on the front, i was a bit careless about it tho so iโ€™ll do the whole lot if it looks shit! please tell bimbi that the offense is mine and that he should ride the megabus to london and bite me

@hanny iโ€™m doin a jigsaw and waiting till i can wash the dye out of my hair!! please pass on my well wishes to your handsome son

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