@knownrobes a gutteral shriek echoes between the mountain tops... he's abroad

rugby man: this orb, this bollock, this cursèd ègg. no matter how i yeet it or holding bear it off the field it returns and returns to torment me ever. ten strongest lads of my country cannot help me be rid of it. and the language barrier prevents my opponents from coordinating with me in this goal.
opposing rugby man: (is thinking the same thing)

they say that the one who goes to work on an egg, will return from work on a chicken. wow! that's so wise

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I don't have a starsign cos I was born during the day

@pisscotheque me ordering a sausage at the enterprise replicator

actually im already quite sleepy, might leave the puss smashing till tomorrow

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pleased to announce that i am twice vaccinated, even more autistic than before, and ready to smash puss!!

#fediblock TERF 

looks like mastodon dot online isn't gonna put in the moderation work, so heads up: @/redgreenlibre @ mastodon dot online is a TERF posting TERF shit and you should block them

hate when i labor day and night over the port bow and, after 72 hours of herculean labor as the men mill about behind me anxiously, I pull a flashing marlin from the sea as easily as a weed from the ground, from flower to root

a racist? AND he owns "the best of keane"??? 😍😍😍

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