I'm not going on Wooden Wild Mouse 1 while it's raining!

@dockers my god our parents treated that decade as an excuse to take some astounding liberties

no!! was that a thing? i never had anythin from c&a cos my mum dressed me like fuckin milly molly mandy by way of bhs until i was 12 years old

i recently had to explain to my little sister what C&A was, which caused my whole body to ossify instantly

my idea of romance and luxury is everything i ever saw in a tv commercial in the year 1993. i want to be proposed to in a pine shaker kitchen while immaculately clad in the latest fashions from C&A

I went too hard on healyn in that roast thread

they probably just knew if they mentioned within my earshot that there was a new sculpture trail, i would start going apeshit and trash the house

my parents went on a sculpture trail without me because they stopped loving me

aye sir, I've little nuts like a couple of organically grown pine nuts!

aye sir, I've little nuts like sparrows eggs!

@gayalien i had a pretty good day queen! i hope your deliverering goes well today!!

@goblin we’re a pair of big rufty-tufty boys... and we’re straight

just because we live in a toadstool in the woods and snuggle to sleep upon a pile of dandelion puffs doesnt mean that @pisscotheque and i aren't 'big hard lads'. in fact some would say it only proves that we are indeed 'rough and strong boys'.

@laser kasia's watchmen/meowing guitar parts toot absolutely always gets me. also pissco's bot's toot about its hobbies and this onster.farm/@so_confused/10236

there's probably a load more things though

sabri goes to the park. sabri gets too close to the geese. you know the rest of the trilogy

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