@bright_helpings it sounds very relaxing! makes me think about those slow tv’s you can watch of trains going through the swiss mountains and stuff. not sure how recordings of the east coast mainline will compare but we’ll see 😅

@bright_helpings yeah like we have trains from all other countries here, same probably goes everywhere else… i think i would still find it pleasant to be ordered to imagine a sunset over valencia while i listened to train sounds though. i think it would enhance the train listening experience for me

New Pokémon idea: Grenato, a tomato who is also a grenade

@bright_helpings hah they could have told you anything about those trains!! did they sound european? i secretly suspect that all trains sound the same anyway

@pisscotheque One of the best things I bought in a charity shop was an LP called "Trains with Accents" that was recordings of a bunch of continental trains. And for each track it said, like the name of the place, Valencia Spain or whatever, and the date, and then "as the sun rises over a beautiful scene of..." like all this detail that I don't think anyone actually knew.

@ponfarr i already have some other ones at home that will go great with them, im going full maximalist

@pisscotheque *pervert voicE* the craps and pops in my vinyl recording of train sounds. oooooo mama

@georgespolitzer yeah! i think these were probably popular amongst trainspotters at some point. it’s probably all online now ofc

also got some sheets from the 80s with brown floral patterns on them. in great nick. fiver 🤌

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@seafrog they usually leave the ears off the reconstructions and drawings but really their ears were a lot like ours

@pisscotheque picking up all the pencils and putting one behind the ear of every dinosaur


ah they’ve closed off the top floor so they can hoover the puke off the antelopes i guess

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tropical birds with opulent jewel-like plumage love to be called something like “the shit-assed failbeak”

dropping 50 pencils on the floor at the natural history museum

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