@pisscotheque :thonk: I will stop my investigation here, for obvious reasons (human shit)

@WoozleWuzzle these claims are libellous. it just happens to shit like a grown human adult

@pisscotheque I heard a rumour that you've been fouling the hutch to frame :lemon_dog:

@bogperson420 that doctor's note looks fake to me but i have no way of proving it

white compsci graduates can and will reinvent phrenology and call it machine learning

if flubber is so good why didn't he have a son called "son of fl-

im the one who makes the rota for cleaning out :lemon_dog: 's hutch and that's why my name mysteriously doesn't appear on there

@geesehoward what dumbass things have you been up to flowless. i just bought some pogs online

im doing progressively stupider and stupider things in an attempt to feel something

all my animal crossing animals are italian-american

this smash mouth cover of a steely dan song needs to be enjoyed beyond the OnlyDans discord server


who's the rhodes player in smash mouth. which member of smash mouth does that smokin hot organ solo. the rap break. incredible

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