i refuse to compartmentalise myself online. if you follow me on here its gonna be the same insufferable deal as on every other account. my way, or the bitch way. what do you say,shitguts

I've gotten this far in life without knowing what a "saving throw" is and I intend to keep it that way

@braveasanoun i couldn’t tell because i am an unfashionable old bitch!! something current and popular i think

judging you all for your misplaced punctuation that is actually just dirt on my screen

@alex the local community centre is opposite my flat. i think they're just cutting a demo while they wait for it to open

they sound amazing im speechless. im witnessing greatness

all right it has organised several smaller children into a rhythm section

there's like a 7 year old child outside my window absolutely belting out the tunes

there is zero difference between a boy bird and a girl bird. 100% the same.

The UK Weirdo Who Invented Beans On Toast: Sure, why not, this makes sense, who gives a shit

Hatching an escape plan with the other husbands as we wait outside the changing rooms for our beloved bitch wives

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