one of these signs but the text is dril’s “brand me with a hot iron” tweet

alcohol, steely dan 

ok i was trying to imagine a sort of chronological running order for a steely dan discography drink-along, but looking at it im concerned such an event might draw to a close quite quickly

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a wicked and shiftless soul, yogo the bear has only one ally in his husk of a life: his dog Batthew, who bites farmer hughes-mcnally’s legs when he is walking to church on sunday, and does diarrhea up the side of his tractor

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yogo the bear. a fictitious bear whose only activity in life is tormenting his blood rival, the cantankerous farmer hughes-mcnally:

eye contact in video 

i think it might go a little something… like this

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finally got my big tape deck hooked up to a speaker and im taking this precious artefact out for a spin. it’s time to find out what killing me softly would have sounded like if it was recorded in 1962

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