cat, parent 

my dad, who swore to god he would never have a cat in the house, in a tale as old as time

got a yarn bowl for christmas. there is an incredible amount of peace and order in my life right now


i’m sure he’d say something if this was offensive, right

i love having to click this box, it reminds me of how absolutely haggard im feeling

outfit selfie 

what’s up lads i fucked up my entire skeleton by turning my head gently to the side this morning

sexy tony blair 

i've just had to see this image of a gay times magazine cover from 1997 and now so do you

uk pol 

joe has to make a lot of "graphics" for his job and some of the stuff that gets abandoned at the concept stage is simply exquisite


why doesn’t everywhere sell romanesco it’s so fun. alien broccoli

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