once again, i am asking to have been born literally anywhere else

horrowfide does not come here anymore but he would still like for lovely pictures of olga the nice dog to be seen by all. he says hello!

my parents had to replace the kitchen door handle with a knob because the cat had figured out how to use the handle. however they didn’t have a matching backplate for the spare doorknob they had lying around. so they just… printed one out


haters and trolls want you to believe that there's no such thing as exotic british food. funny how none of them can explain this:

one of these signs but the text is dril’s “brand me with a hot iron” tweet

alcohol, steely dan 

ok i was trying to imagine a sort of chronological running order for a steely dan discography drink-along, but looking at it im concerned such an event might draw to a close quite quickly

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a wicked and shiftless soul, yogo the bear has only one ally in his husk of a life: his dog Batthew, who bites farmer hughes-mcnally’s legs when he is walking to church on sunday, and does diarrhea up the side of his tractor

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