uk friends - someone started this petition for a review into the PIP assessment process, which as many of you already know is designed exclusively to exhaust and dehumanise disabled people into giving up on claiming independence benefits. please sign!!

@pisscotheque we only got my partner through it because she had me to support, it was worth the months of back pay but not the mental health toll

@pisscotheque @Janetgunter It is an absolutely awful process, and one that I’d definitely have given up on if I hadn’t had a very competent advocate doing all the paperwork and phone calls for me

Having received #PIP for a year or so, I’ll soon (hopefully) be transferred to the less-intentionally-cruel #ADP (Adult Disability Payment), which is in the process of being rolled out across Scotland

But I’ll definitely sign the petition, in solidarity with people in other parts of the UK

@pisscotheque I will have to apply for this soon. I really should have done it many months ago but I was too scared. Thank you for highlighting this petition

@hermione404 good luck, i hope it goes as smoothly as possible. don't let the bastards grind you down!!

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