just stopped to get petrol and when we came out of the kiosk some dick parked at a pump in a winnebago started honking the horn at us. we got closer to give them a piece of our mind and it was a fucking dog

after a while this old crustpunk guy came out of the kiosk and identified himself as the owner of the winnebago. he told us he had no idea the dog knew how to work the horn, which i highly doubt since the dog was operating it very confidently

@pisscotheque I've truly never seen a dog honk a horn with more confidence and abandon

@Pixley @pisscotheque he's like "I've discovered a way to bark that doesn't wear out my vocal cords"

@Pixley he was absolutely leaning on it when we walked outside, he clearly both knew how it worked and knew how to use it to his advantage

@pisscotheque @Pixley you can tell, every time the attention starts to drift, old mate is right back on the horn again until everyone is looking

@pisscotheque he may be grossly overestimating the complexity of the task (push middle of big round thing that's right there)

@pisscotheque I don't know why but the words "dog" and "operating" next to each other make me smile.

@pisscotheque since i haven't stopped thinking about this, consider the following scenario: dude gets back to the vehicle, gets in the PASSENGER SIDE, and the dog drives them both home!!!!!!!!

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