god being alive costs so much money. i am literally just sitting here

@pisscotheque I never thought about how my rent is €0.06/minute.

@pisscotheque wow, sitting there? That's interesting. You have somewhere to sit. Is it a boulder in a field? Perhaps it's a grassy knoll? Maybe it's on a double folded sheet in a doorway on the high street.

Somehow, that's not the impression I get. I imagine you sitting comfortably on a cushioned armchair in your room, perhaps in your home, with access to running water, with food available, with internet access.

Could be worse I suppose, could be better.

Seize the day

@boleolle damn your right, the literal means of human subsistence SHOULD be expensive and exhausting to obtain, and denied to those who can't. thankyou

@pisscotheque I was restricted by the limitations of the medium to complete my thoughts. Please allow me to do so here & now.

We all deserve more than subsistence, we deserve an environment that offers artistic and intellectual stimulation, we deserve opportunities to achieve more, and we deserve to be valued by society for what we contribute.

I'm old; I ramble and I'm not good with succinct. Forgive me, or not, broad shoulders and thick skin

@boleolle i agree. i would add to your thoughts that we all deserve to be valued intrinsically, regardless of our contributions. im sorry for being short-tempered with you.

(and i was using "your" instead of "you're" on purpose because its a flippant way to type that indicates sarcasm)


PS like most people I frequently don't proof read my messages before I publish them. Did you intend to write "your" or "you're" in the first line of your riposte?

"The cost of living means, it costs to stay alive" - lyric from Losers 2 by Spanish Love Songs


The mandatory costs are how the capitalists beat you into sufficient desperation to force you to work for them.

@pisscotheque i read that as if you implied that god being alive costs money lmao xD

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