@pisscotheque @finn most people cannot bear more than five minutes in one

@pisscotheque i have the opposite of this. pussy like an mf tuba, baby

@pisscotheque Adding "Cardiff's leading cause of tinnitus" to my cunt's cv

@katherine proud of u… let me know if you need me to sign any petitions to keep the venue open when the neighbours start complaining about the noise

@pig ive heard these things mess with your pussy’s natural soundproofing… fucked up

@pisscotheque this is true of lesser brands but these carry the blessing of the star of such films as shallow hal, and sky captain and the world of tomorrow

@pig wow well that changes everything. im feeling much better about spending nine thousand dollars plus overseas shipping on them

@pisscotheque buy now and they'll throw in* a jade egg for free!

*it will literally be thrown into you, buckle up

@pig @pisscotheque I first thought of the only person who I know was in shallow Hal, so now I'm imagining jack black yelling about his pussy and it's extremely funny

@robotcarsley @pisscotheque kids everywhere scandalized as the voice of kung fu panda starts hollering about his vagoo

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