i am a big enough person to admit that my previous stance of "i love going on the computer. i would like to do it every hour every day of my life and i would sacrifice anything in pursuit of this goal" was a mistaken one. i have grown as a person and can now see that going on the computer is bad and i don't want to do it

@pisscotheque it's fucked up that you just couldn't resist going on computer

@healyn you want to know what's really fucked up? i'm on the computer, typing this now. please be patient with me as i work to better myself

@pisscotheque this is very brave to admit. I also once thought I wanted to go on the computer all the time, but now I am living the reality of "what if computer, but too much" and it has caused me to rethink my previous stance

@yomimono solidarity comrade... let's hope that together we are strong enough to defeat the computer

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