im being defeated by a fucking CARDBOARD child lock

don’t you know who i am?? i am a fucking adult i can tear this shitty box to shreds like a wild animal using my powerful fully coordinated hands and complete set of adult teeth. you have no idea who you’re dealing with

it is YOU who have miscalculated sir. you only appear more ridiculous the longer you continue this insolent display of braggadocio

@dreadpirateyarr sort of. in a way. if you mean did i rip the shit out of it rendering the container unusable then. i guess you could say that yes i did

@dreadpirateyarr ive got big muscles. let this be a warning to the other boxes

@batterpunts it's a sort of. it's like what if a carboard box seemed perfectly normal but wouldn't open at all unless you performed a sort of circus contortion on it

@pisscotheque well they have specialized lockpick tools for that, called "box cutter"

I'm still thinking of one of those nintendo cardboard crafty things, or the crafty stuff that sponsor the youtubers often and I can't remember the name of either

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