my parents had to replace the kitchen door handle with a knob because the cat had figured out how to use the handle. however they didn’t have a matching backplate for the spare doorknob they had lying around. so they just… printed one out

@pisscotheque i thought you meant 3D printed at first, but this is next-level

@dreadpirateyarr turns out 3D printers are unnecessary for most tasks as long as you only want flat things!

@pisscotheque @dreadpirateyarr you can also 2d print lots of flat things and stick them together, just like a 3d printer

@pisscotheque i showed this to bear and he immediately assumed it was my house, as this is exactly the sort of shit my parents would pull lmao

@seafrog hahaaa omg there is clearly a particular kind of eccentric upbringing that produces people like us

@pisscotheque several friends of my sisters & i have on frequent occasion referred to the parental house as a 'bric-a-brac shop', 'the weasleys cottage full of weird stuff', 'like a charity shop dragon hoard', so there is definitely a Vibe™

@pisscotheque to clarify. i am not accusing ur parents of this,, there is just a specific eclectic energy

@seafrog oh lmao i know it's ok!! trust me i am no stranger at all to the Energy. also ur parents house sounds fun!! mine are usually too worried about confusing their normal friends to let the artifacts gain a real foothold but since lockdown started there has been a marked increase in Nonsense

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