imagine if you opened a banana and it was bread in there!! terrifying

@pisscotheque wait would there be crust around the whole inside of it or would it just be like middle-of-the-loaf stuff?

@grant hm... i think loaf middle. the banana peel is already the crust

@pisscotheque that's sinister as hell. i am haunted by the thought of a banana-shaped chunk of crustless bread

@pisscotheque even worse, imagine cutting open a nice fresh loaf of bread and there's banana in there

@pisscotheque @schratze friends, allow me to introduce something i call "banana bread". you see,,,

@radicalrobit i think it would be normal white bread, in a banana shape. perhaps some versions come sliced for consumer convenience

@radicalrobit @pisscotheque wee crunchy melba-toasts, but the crust is all slimy and damp from being in the banana skin. a true marvel of nature

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