@pisscotheque listen up: godforsaken website simply has no room for any more "mind geniuses" on this site

@alex if there is one area that everyone on this website is a genius of, it's the mind. if he comes back to me with any other types of geniuses then maybe we can talk

@wandrew to be a genius... whats more, to be a genius of the mind... that is the path of the true mind genius

@esvrld @wandrew those with a normal mind should stand back now, for your own safety...

@seafrog flowers and prayers to sweet departed elise. forever in our hearts

@pisscotheque wow..... i would never have presumed to have a mind genius™ read my eulogy. truly i am going up in the world, capitalism works

@finn surprisingly it turns out it's absolutely nothing like real fame

@radicalrobit i think if he were to link to it on his blog, it might certainly give his many readers something to consider

@witchfynder_finder perhaps the ways of the mind genius are more complex than we thought... it's not for others to understand

@pisscotheque I mean, it is possibly the best toot in existence, so I can see why a Mind Genius would want to share it widely

I do think about it on a regular basis, tbh, and it makes me happy every time :moomin_yay:

@maris @pisscotheque hold on, this means these bots don't realize there's other kinds of websites beside blogs and company front pages.

We can use this. For shenanigans.

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