mans razors are called things like “the Wolfenstein Xillion Blade”. womans razors have names like “Somedays™ Personal Shame”. nonbinary razors are called things like “Mackerel Madness” and “What Happened To The $70,000 We Raised At The Telethon” and “The Hazelnut Man” and “Dog Mystery” and “French Gmail” and “Carole King Ex-Directory Phone Number” and “Super Sausages” and “Mind Your Own Business Andrew” and “Circumference Of The Average Tangerine” and “Booty Slammer” and “Terrible Evening” a

@pisscotheque love to go to the racetrack and bet on the nonbinary razor races

@pisscotheque and "Gandalf the Gray", and "Gandalf the White",
and "Monty Python and the Holy Grail's Black Knight",
and "Benito Mussolini", and "the Blue Meanie",
and "Cowboy Curtis", and "Jambie the Genie",
"Robocop", "The Terminator", "Captain Kirk", and "Darth Vader",
"Lo-pan", "Superman", every single "Power Ranger",
"Bill S. Preston", and "Theodore Logan",
"Spock", "The Rock", "Doc Oct", and "Hulk Hogan"

@pisscotheque @carcinopithecus Hrmn, I had no idea that I was nonbinary, but I'd so much rather buy and use a "mackerel madness" than any of the crap that's supposed to be being marketed at me.

@eldang @pisscotheque @carcinopithecus other good nonbinary-grooming-product aesthetics include “this is supposed to be for crafting but I bet it would work on your face as long as you’re careful”

@pisscotheque stop reading the running list for the grand national

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