even after my years of extravagant, sinful shitting, my toilet always looks pristine and new, though i have never so much as picked up a toilet brush. my society friends shake their heads in wonder, but when they ask me my secret i simply shake my head with a mysterious smile. meanwhile, an oil painting of a disgusting fucked up old toilet gathers dust in my attic, a fresh spray of diarrhoea materialising across the canvas each morning

@katherine im thinking of installing a magic button in your account for just such a purpose

@pisscotheque this post, like the painting it references, is a hideous work of art

@pisscotheque Exquisite imagery and delightful re-use of a classic story's idea. I bow my ghoulish, twisted upper torso to you.

@TheBoonieGhoul @pisscotheque I knew this had to be a reference to something! I eas thinking a Stephen King book maybe.

What is the original story?

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