i live in one of those newfangled water dungeons. every time i want to open the garage door i have to go to the attic, basement and guest bathroom to activate a series of magical viaducts

sometimes these modern conveniences can end up making our lives more complicated and i find that very ironic!

this should have been aquaducts. wrong kind of fucking duct. i had one shot and i fucking blew it. i am going to take my own life

@pisscotheque you should check out this new thing, it's like this magic flute and if you play the Aria of Oceans on it you can change the water level without doing all the stuff. super convenient.

@pisscotheque well the Aria of Oceans is only like six notes so it's super easy. but you do have to defeat the flute guardian to obtain it (i'm the current flute guardian)

@alex oh well that’s a bit awkward but it does sound like it would be worth it in the long run. i’m happy to do battle whenever, where will i find you

@alex be there in half an hour, looking forward to solving all your tile-sliding puzzles and fighting some kind frog demon thing in your driveway!

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